We cannot count the number of migraine headache sufferers and insomnia patients we help every month with herbs. Even when the Ambien and Lunesta are not working we have revolved the sleep, fixed the digestion and brought life and hope back to innumerable people. Customized Chinese herbal formulas can actually cure these conditions and not result in a life on drugs.

Chinese Medicine is great for skin rashes, dry skin, sores etc.. we have great success with dermatological conditions.

Itchy Skin Rash- Itchy, Red Raised Sores Along Back 

Adult male had sudden occurrence of itchy rash all along back interrupting sleep and generally causing a great deal of discomfort. Took 2 Rounds of Prednisone & Ant-inflammatory drugs have no effect. Rash cleared following 2 weeks of acupuncture and herbal treatment.


Hypothyroid - Elevated Liver Enzymes - 
Menopausal Symptoms, Swollen Ankles, Hip Pain

Michael Woodworth has done some amazing things for me! I started seeing Michael in late June of this year with hip joint pain, swelling and pain in my right ankle and thigh, horrible digestion, lethary, trouble sleeping, brittle hair, high liver levels and a thyroid that was out of whack. He performed ART and acupunture in some critical areas and got me started on the Chinese herbs. I have been taking the herb combination for almost 6 months now and have had amazing results. There is no more swelling or pain in my ankle, my digestion is back to normal, I sleep like a baby (as long as I dont have a million things on my mind), I have energy throughout the day, and my hip is no longer causing me to stop exercising. I recently had blood work during a physical and was blown away with my results. My liver levels are closer to where they should be and my thyroid is quickly getting back to normal. Prior to seeing Michael, my thyroid antibodies were close to 700 (normal is under 30) and now they are at 147!!!!
I know now that the natural way to go is the BEST way to go. My doctor was amazed at my health and mentioned if he didnt know my age he would have guessed it to be 10-15 years younger just looking at my blood work. 


TMJ, Neck, Shoulder and Jaw pain.. 

Given 4 treatments we often make incredible changes in these seemingly chronic and difficult to treat cases. Recently a 21yr old male involved in accident 3 years ago suffered from limited range of neck rotation, neck pain and TMJ / Jaw pain. Had been treated by Chiropractic for years only maintaining, following 3 sessions of Acu / ART patient reports consistent 90% relief, can turn head completely without pain and can now open jaw 100% without pain.. Now sleeping thru the night. 

Before and after tongue- we can improve the energy and circulation within your body and change you from the inside out. This is a poor circulation, cold, cystic acne case that tried everything topical and dermatological. 1 month following herbal therapy and look at the tongue- warm, red, patient's hands are not purple, skin is turning red and being nourished.. Another month and the skin should be about clear. 

Herbal Medicine to treat prostate / frequent urination and urgency in 80+ year old male.

Good wet morning, Michael. Jack is out of his medicine. He seems to be doing much better. When we went to Cabo in November he didn't have to make bathroom trips for 6 hours. When we came home from Sacramento in May he was in the bathroom about every 10 to 15 minutes. What a difference!

10-30-12 Rotator cuff - shoulder pain & TMJ- Jaw Pain

Our everyday successes often involve a client who has undergone a number of therapies with little success. Just this week we released two such cases who even had medical intervention and saw us as their last hope. One case of shoulder pain, rotator cuff repair had 6 years of chiropractic and physical therapy only to undergo 2 months of our program and return to a physically demanding job pain free...Treatment: Acupuncture, ART, herbal medicine.   Forget the fact that we also treated her hip pain, neck pain and chronic fatigue.  We have also liberated another individual from their constant headaches and jaw pain following 1 month of our program..  We are very effective in treating complex conditions that have shown little to no improvement from surgery or other modalities, truly amazing to see them smiling and grateful to live life again.

 Tennis Elbow, Lateral Epicondylitis, Golfers Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - all similar in that we tend to get rapid results with minimum number of combined ART & Acupuncture treatments. Often 40-60% improvement following 1-2 sessions with a complete course and resolution in 6-8 treatments.... Seems we have had an influx of these conditions thru October and really reliable results from golfers, trainers, our raquet ball players and wight lifters..

Circulation and fluid metabolism- herbs can change your temperature, metabolism and fluid levels... Notice the puffy swelling and reduction of coo 

Low back pain, morton's neuromas and bone spur on calcaneal tendon.. Different in  2 treatments..

I was never a "believer", but the way in which you explained what was happening in my body due to my posture and physical mechanics just made sense. Following treatment i was able to play 18 holes of golf without experiencing the burning pain in my foot or the pain in my low back. You explained how the small needles were used to treat structures people just cannot reach while you used ART to treat the larger surface structures and it made a difference.I am definitely a "believer" and have referred my friends and family.  I continue to do the exercises from the videos you gave me and feel better everyday... Thank you so much for giving me the tools to help myself!   -

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how things are going.

My hip is sooooo much better! I do not have the pain I was having AT ALL! It gets a kink in it every once in awhile but I stretch it out and it "pops" back.

I am back to taking the herbs... and feeling great. 

Now that my hip is doing better im confident I can really do the exercises as they were meant to be done.
I am sleeing well and trying my best to do all the exercises. I had to walk home from work today which is about 3 miles up and down some pretty big hills. I was a little worried how my hip and ankle would fare. But, I made it unscathed and with very minor swelling of my ankle. No pain in my hip either!
Thanks for making me feel so much better!!
On Jul 19, 2012, at 12:08 AM, GW wrote:
Intercostal / Rhomboid / Back Pain - difficulty breathing for several months... 2 treatments.

Hey Mike, I'm happy to report that I'm completely pain-free, and can take deep breaths and even sneeze without any intercostal pain whatsoever. Amazing- this is the best I've felt in 6 months. Fighting the urge to jump right back into a vigorous workout regiment- but eagerly and patiently awaiting the opportunity. Thanks for helping me out.
Best of luck on becoming a dad. Hope all goes well. Thanks again, and take care.


6-26-12 Stress, Anxiety & Irritability Treatments With Herbs. Many have been told they are anemic and also suffer fatigue. Chinese medicine generally treats this as a "blood deficient heat". 

So a simple combination of formulas can treat this all too common occurrence. Below are the remarks from 2 recent patients who, after 3 or treatments, continue to take their custom formulas:

Michael, my children remarked that i am much nicer when i drink my dirt-tea and even noticed i yell more when i run out. I have also noticed that it is just not possible for me too get as upset as i used too, i physically just cannot get as disturbed when i am taking my herbs. Its like magic.

Good morning! I was wondering if I could purchase another batch of herbs? I really noticed a change in my skin, anxiety and overall calm and would love to continue taking them. Could I pick some more up this week?

Thank you so much!  


1-26-12 Years of knee, ankle and back pain- After 3 treatments back and feet are great, knee still being difficult. By the fourth session the trick knee comes around-

Hi Michael;
Its Friday about 5:15 pm, just wanted to let you know that my knee feels great!! This is the best it felt in awhile!
Thanks for all you are doing for me. 

1-12-12    Shingles and extreme back pain. 

73 yr old woman who developed shingles outbreak- drove down from Victorville for treatment: following 1 session.

Hi Michael,
Just gotta tell you that the ride home for my mom was amazing because she had virtually no pain.  She was so miserable on the way down, and for the past two days, and she just kept saying what a relief and "to please let Michael know how much I appreciate his work, and thank him."  I'll keep you posted.....

11-11-11 Patient with debilitating sciatica- unable to get manual treatment or stand for any prolonged period of time. Pain described as 8-10/10 for two days. 30 yr old male who runs construction equipment.

2 treatements broken by 1 day. Patient reports pain 60% improved 5-6hours following first Orthopedic / Electro Acupuncture Treatment. 2nd treatment patient able to handle physical manipulations, repeat Acupuncture with ART and sacral blocking. Patient reports 80% improvement- amazed. 3 days later patient still amazed and grateful s we begin physical rehab and home exercise to prevent any relapse.

-Acute pains are generally very quick to react to this type of treatment.

Internal Medicine : Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, Raynaud's
-Saw multiple M.D's for 8 months before coming in....

I was suffering from nausea every morning and consistent right-sided headaches.  I saw 4 different doctors over a very long and frustrating 8 month period and had no success.  I also had a MRI and CAT Scan that were inconclusive.  One day I woke up and decided to try Eastern medicine since Western medicine had failed me.  A friend recommended Michael Woodworth. I was able to get an appointment right away.  During my first visit Michael asked me a series of questions and diagnosed me immediately.  He treated me twice a week for 3 weeks and I was back to normal.   He also started me on a Chinese herb program that made me feel even better. 

Once my nausea and headaches were cured, we decided to tackle some other ailments.  Michael treated my menstrual cramps and clotting, numbness in my right arm, and circulation and sleep issues.  I would highly recommend Michael and his treatments.  - Donna G

Groin pain radiating to anterior thigh - psoas / iliopsoas nerve entrapment  3mos.

After seeking PT and chiropractic patient completed 1 treatment of our Acupuncture & Active Release Technique Therapy.

"Thanks Michael, you have magic hands. I'm going to continue the exercises you sent me and see if i can remain pain free. I appreciate your help...!" - Jan B. 9-18-11

You would be amazed at what we can do in a single session, let alone a course of treatments. We treat, we educate, we rehab- you get back to the life you want.

11-12-11 39 year old woman,  Very active fitness competitor with several years of lower back pain. Exhausted massage, chiropractic and acupuncture. Daily pain ranging from 5-8 across low back.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome discovered after.

With long term pain like this we schedule treatments 2x/week for the first 3 weeks. We re-evaluate at the 4th / 5 th treatment but these conditions will often require front loading the treatment to initiate change. Following the 2 treatment of Orthopedic Acupuncture & ART the patient expressed pain was now 2-3 and intermittent. By the 5th session she had gone nearly a week without pain and was very pleased to be back in the gym training. Once she mentioned the digestive complaints we administered herbs which showed immediate improvement. Patient is now on rehab and home maintenance, pain free with much  better digestion!   Many times we can treat many complaints at the same time utilizing the best modality to do so in the course of treatment.

Do you have High Cholesterol? Acid Reflux? High Blood Pressure?

 Digestive Pain?

Been diagnosed and placed on 2-3-4 medications? What if we could ease all of those symptoms, treat the root cause, and get you off of all the pharmaceuticals that were NEVER tested but administered together? And what if it only took 2 months? Think your liver and kidneys would benefit from that?

Well we do that very thing all the time... and you can too.

 Frequent Urination - Urgency - Incontinence - Prostate

There are too many cases to include so i shall summarize several different presentations. From urgency and night- time incontinence in a young lady who physically possessed only 1/2 a normal sized bladder to menopausal women waking all night long and suffering sleep loss: The correct Chinese Herbal Medicine can change this within 1 week! Men with prostate issues will need a longer course of treatment but will also respond to acupuncture and herbal medicine. But i have repeatedly been impressed by the rapid effects and benefits that traditional chinese medicine has on urinary: kidney/bladder conditions.

See the inflammation present and heat on the left tongue? Notice after 1 month the clearing and change of the tongue overall. Less irritable / ulcerative cholitis and on his way to being pharmaceutical free. Of course this will take several months of care.

8 Years of Back Pain - Gone In One Visit

As an avid bicyclist and golfer suffering from intermittent back pain for over eight years i can't express how happy i am to have met Mr. Woodworth. I suffered debilitating low back pain and sciatica which would flare-up regularly to after lengthy rides or several rounds of golf. A co-worker who had similar symptoms told me about Michael and how he cured his sciatica and he also gained an extra 10 yards on his golf driving. I would have been happy with pain relief, never did i expect the results we got. I arrived bent over and limping with a pain 9/10, fearful i would not be able to ride in a trip planned to Italy. Michael performed a brief intake and began orthopedic acupuncture followed by some ART. I must have looked funny standing up because he asked me what was wrong. I was amazed, i had no pain. There was some residual soreness but no sciatica or back pain. That was months ago and there has been no recurrence. He explained that my case was due to a lipoma/adhesion pressing on the nerve in the low back. No other treatments had been able to free it like this, the lipoma is still there but causes no pain. I had been to physical therapy, chiropractors and had reservations about acupuncture's effectiveness but now i am a believer and refer anybody i meet with pain to him, thanks Mike!

Sincerely, Thank you thank you!!!


11-1-11 Many people suffered a "Sinus Infection" and then developed h/a, dizziness and some even got skin rashes. Western antibiotics and steroids provided little relief. In chinese medicine this was a seasonal change leading to an external wind-heat invasion. The people who came in when it began received herbs and were able to recover in a matter of 2-3 days. People coming in afterwards have gained much relief from herbs for the itchy skin that did not respond to dermatological treatments.  With seasonal changes come seasonal afflictions, all of which can generally benefit from or be avoided all together with proper treatment.

Dear Michael,

When I moved to California in January (08) I was really concerned that i would not be able to find an acupuncturist-healer that would match the skills of the several acupuncturists I have seen in New England. I have had so many health challenges through the past 25 years- and most of them have been helped through Chinese medicine. WHAT I NEVER EXPECTED WAS THAT I WOULD FIND THE BEST CUPUNCTURSIT I HAD EVER WORKED WITH!

I appreciate your willingness to keep on learning and your desire for self improvement. I trust you completel. I know that no matter what is happening for me, a visit to you ALWAYS makes me better. Because you are so commetted to your learning, I know I am getting "the best of the best" treatments, and that you know PRECISELY what I need. Your competence is clear. You are a very talented healer.

I am glad that I wandered in one day ...


PS: Feel free to use me as a reference

Lets face it- we cannot keep up with our testimonials.. We are too busy helping people change lives to continually update this site. Visit our yelp pages to see what people are willing to share publicly..

Motor Vehicle Accident  And "Unknown Mass"


Migraines / Neck Pain / Sciatica / L. Hand to arm nerve pain

1 Ortho & ART Visit

Thank you for the vigorous treatment! I'm noticing a great improvement in my hand! I'm able to move my fingers (open & shut) without as much pain. 50% better.

Gripping is still tricky in those last 2 fingers but this is great. 
Of course my neck and back/hips are always significantly better.
Thank you!
You Rock!
8-1-17 Fertility (Another one-  3 visits and 1 month of herbs following 1+ years of unsuccessful attempts)

I'm so shocked 😳 
I was a few days late this past Monday with weird cramps and got 2 positive tests.  Couldn't believe it!  I'm elated!  I want to know if i need to continue with the herbs or if need to get evaluated for another type of herbs?
I'm scheduled for an ultrasound on August 21.
Thank you so much 😊 I wasn't expecting this so soon.  Can't express how much I appreciate you! 
Very grateful, 

7-30-15 Complex Cyst / Fibroid over 20yrs old and facing surgery

 I HAVE SOME OF THE BEST NEWS EVER IN A LONG TIME!!! Despite all the Drs opinions of that complex cyst growing and not budging, IT RUPTURED ABOUT 2 WEEKS AGO! I truly believe things happened the way they were suppose to, I'm so glad i held off on a messy operation. And i truly believe that the herbs i was takn.g from around Nov to March helped weaken that sucker.... Along with physical exercise despite pain and good diet... the Eviction notice was served on that complex cyst. Funny the DR had a totally different tune, before he said that a COMPLEX CYST WON'T GO AWAY, NOW HE SAID IT'S GOOD TO WAIT, mother nature took its course when i was rushed to the emergency i thought with the pain it had grown, twisted something but NOPE COMPLETELY GONE. Now the DR wants to do surgery of course to remove fibroid in my uterus... It was showing decreased size on my sonogram when i was taking the herbs. That sucker has been there since mid 20's... Anyway i can't thank you enough, I'm so thankful I still have all my organs intact and didn't rush in!!!!! Hope alls well,Namaste

I would like to keep up with being healthy,,, pain still from endometriosis and fibroid, not as serious as what i was dealing with before but i don't want to go back to being sick.... mail my herbs when you can...I'm forever grateful for my health and your dedication to your knowledge and work!!!

Lemme know what i will owe you in sept so i can plan thank YOU! !

6-1-15 After retiring on disability for severe neck  pain which resulted in nightly awakening and bilateral hand and arm swelling. For a couple years she had received physical therapy from several clinics, massage and even acupuncture. After a friend in church who had seen us for  back pain and sciatica urged her to come see us she took a chance. After the first visit of our orthopedic acupuncture and ART she could sleep thru the night and the hand swelling was down 50%. By the 4th treatment she was no longer experiencing the neck pain and her hands would swell slightly but now clearly an arthritic condition. So we started to work on her low back as well. Instead of prolonged treatments we offered an herbal remedy to treat her underlying fatigue, digestion and arthritic pain- after 1 week of herbs: 

Dr. Mike .. my low back is doing well, hands are decreased in stiffness and pain; still have some problems but tolerable. I am drinking my tea daily and believe that is working well on my entire body, especially my sleep. I don't feel as tired by end of day. go figure...love you and your practice much, -L****


Case of Hemorrhoids getting worse for 10 years, inability to sit in car without pain. Embarrassed, scheduled for surgery in 2 months. Came in after treating husband for 2 yr Neuroma pain in both feet (after 3 treatments of acupuncture and ART his condition was resolved and he could walk and exercise without pain or surgery!). 

Hemorrhoid treatment like many internal conditions does not require us to needle the problem area, rather we use points on the hands and legs. After 5 treatments and 2 bottles of herbs she was completely resolved, sleeping better and hemorrhoids had returned to their rightful location. No more pain sitting, able to drive in the car and no more embarrassment from prolapsed swellings. Miracle? No -we do this on a regular basis. 


Hi Mike-

I hope all is well with you. I am doing GREAT!  And have referred two people your way.  Including my western doctor who I told her all about my experience and she wants your contact info.


Chest Pain- Mini Strokes - Hypothyroidism - Insomnia. Given blood thinners for life, well at 30 years old you do not need to accept that answer. After 1 bottles of customized Chinese Herbs, sure they do not taste good- put them in capsules, here is the email:

Everything went really well. I could hardly choke them down so I ended up only doing 2x a day. I think I sleep better when I do it 3 times a day but I start to gag as soon as I start making it. I wake up each night at about 4 and I'm restless after that. But 10-4 I am getting really good sleep!  I have had no chest pain which is awesome. Time for a refill :)


1)-You can put your name down, or you can leave it off if you prefer anonymity. (If you are open First and Last Name is ideal)   Kelly

2)  Please circle if you are male or female.  Male      Female

3)  Age ___59____

4)  Why did you seek treatment? Chronic Neck Pain, No relief of pain from years of physical therapy

5)  What did you enjoy about your treatments? They worked!  I think that I really needed someone who would try a few different treatments on me instead of just one treatment.  Mike did acupuncture, ART and gave me some Chinese herbs that combined seemed to work quite well.

6)  How was your overall experience with the treatments?   (please explain) This was my first time having acupuncture and it was much more pleasant than I had expected.  I also really liked the exercises that Mike gave me to do at home.  It really helped to relax my muscles and treat the soft tissue damage that I had. I will admit that I don’t particularly like getting the Graston technique but I love the results so I’m happy to sit through it for a few minutes.

7) Would you recommend this treatment for others?  Yes and I have

8)  Have these treatments improved you life in any way?  (if yes please explain)  Tremendously.  I don’t have to walk around holding my neck and wondering if I will ever be relieved of pain.  I do whatever I want when I want to now.


People are often told their only option is surgical- because they identified something worn or damaged in the body... We ask why? Why is it worn? Will fixing the broken piece fix the cause of the damage? This is our specialty is figuring out the cause and subsequently treating both the injury and cause to permanently correct a person's condition. 

Another example-  Another patient who was told they needed surgery for their hip. 


After years of participating in triathlons, I began having hip pain that got so bad I could hardly walk. I was walking with a cane when I found Michael. After the first ART and acupuncture treatment, I no longer used the cane. I had consulted a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and several physicians, including orthopedic surgeons who told me my only option was surgery to fix the tear in the cartilage they found through MRI. Michael was the first healer I spoke to who understood what I needed wasn't just to fix the symptom but to deal with the cause -- why my hip had gotten so bad. The treatments and exercises he gave me were life-changing for me. I HIGHLY recommend Michael and his unique combination of modalities. He is kind, thorough and provides excellent care.

Emily Downward

10-17-13 Thank you Dr. Woodworth. They told me that i needed surgery with slipped discs in my back causing the sciatica. I was not able to stand let alone walk and was losing time at work and with my family. After several visits i began to see a decrease in pain and after a total of 10 visits in a few weeks i was pain free and back to work and life. I must admit i was skeptical but the combination of acupuncture, your muscle work and the rehab changed my life and my families. Thank you for all your work and your dedication to your craft and us.


Another case of prolonged Sciatica treated in less than 5 visits... thanks for the feedback Laurie.


I'd be happy to help! I feel great and fitness businesses up and running.I have suggested several clients go see you, a couple still in traditional physical therapy, not making much progress :-/

1)Name: Laurie Wxxxx
2)        Female
3)  Age 41

4)  Why did you seek treatment? Could not stand or walk without pain. Stabbing in the upper and lower leg, flutes, and tingling in the toes/foot

5)  What did you enjoy about your treatments? Relief with the first and every treatment within a few days. Only 4 visits were needed. No sugar-coating the fact that I have to do "my homework" to maintain MY health. No excuses, it is my body to maintain and take care of. 

6)  How was your overall experience with the treatments?   I was nervous, scared,worried even a little panic-y about acupuncture as I had a bad experience years ago. It was a bit uncomfortable, but Michael explained everything and kept me and my very curious 4-year old daughter calm. I sought out his services because he is full-body ART trained. In the past, ART kept me healthy while training for multiple Ironman Triathlons. 

7) Would you recommend this treatment for others? Yes, and I do.
8)  Have these treatments improved you life in any way?  (if yes please explain) After treatment #4 AND doing my homework exercises I was pain-free and able to fulfill my dream of starting my own boot-camp style fitness company for military spouses. Being able to move, run, exercise is essential for me to continue to help enrich, encourage and improve other's health and well-being.


Please write your comments, success story, experiences below in paragraph form in the space below.   We encourage you to write how you would speak to a friend. (Please use questions above as a guide to help you)

 I see many women as clients who have lower back, hip, sciatica pain, leg pain that cannot be addressed with Personal training. I encourage them to go see Michael. 


Our 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with Asthma and sever menstrual pain- cold limbs, frequent skin rashes.  They wanted to give her steroids and put her on the pill. We began treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. The following month her menstrual pain was 50% improved and migraines infrequent. After 2 months there was no menstrual pain, no migraines and her sleep and energy were much improved. She was her old self again, full of energy and no longer depressed . We have also had a 50% decrease of steroidal asthma medication. Then a few days ago  she banged her foot during ballet class and had excruciating pain for several weeks despite chiropractic and massage therapy. Pain in foot was completely resolved in 2 acupuncture visits. 

Thank you for helping our daughter Dr. Woodworth, we are glad we got your referral.

- XXXXXXXXXX family.

5-23-13 After several months of acupuncture and herbs we finally did it! -Congratulations to a growing family. I just got this email:

Hey Michael,
      How are you? So I called you the other day because I wanted to tell you..... We are pregnant!!! We are so incredibly thrilled. I stopped my herbs when I found out because I wasn't sure if you wanted me on the blood moving ones! Just found out! Just 5 weeks so still really early. But it's incredibly amazing. God is so good!! Thanks so much Michael! Hope to hear from you soon. 


Sent from my iPhone


It is difficult for people to accept the power of food and plants in treating their pains. But remember those tissues, tendons, bones come from the food you eat and grow from your inside out- to he surface. Sometimes treating pain from the outside is temporary and ineffective. Many of our patients find their treatment in herbal remedies custom formulated for their patterns to treat from the inside out: arthritis, sciatics, chronically tight muscle pain.. Think about it- how can you work with hard, dry clay? So how can banging on your tight dry muscles bring about a permanent change?

And the damage that pain meds do to your organs well.. just read the warning labels.

=-=-=- Just another email  -=-=-

Hi Michael, I need more herbs. I am out and it is the only thing takes the aches and pain out of fingers and legs and seems to last all day. Motrin only lasts about 8 hrs. 

Fatigue, cold extremities, liver problems, broken neck, back pain, cracked bleeding skin on hands and feet which had to wrap in bandages. Chronic fatigue, could not make it thru day without multiple naps. Western medicine had no answer and no diagnosis. Pictures above depict already improved condition while pictures below illustrate no longer needing to wrap hands and feet in bandages. Today patient maintains herbal therapy and skin is nearly completely resolved, energy restored and overall quality of life greatly improved- able to have energy thru day, thru work and with family. All this when Western Medicine said there was no treatment for his undiagnosed condition- we proved there is!

Acupuncture is very effective for Morton Neuromas. Complimented with ART and correcting the imbalances and scar tissue in the lower extremities we have been EXTREMELY successful in rehabilitating athletes, runners and dancers who have had years of debilitating foot pain with little treatment success. Turf toe, chronic sprains strains, hamstring tears etc.. If you want to get back to walking the dog, doing all your grocery shopping at once and navigating stairs come see us.. IWe often help where others could not.

8-1-12 2 cases: sciatica and foot numbness another with plantar fascitis, bone spur and mortons neuromas.  

Both people had been treated with PT, traditional chiropractic and one even underwent 30 tx of acupuncture for marked relief.. Both cases, following 1 treatment of orthopedic acupuncture and ART yielded immediately changes: feeling returned to foot, able to play golf with very little pain returning, he writes  "My feet are alive with “feeling”. The woman who had undergone traditional acupuncture was simply beside herself that the numbness was gone immediately after opening up her low back. Once again- all providers are not the same just like every car is not the same. We work hard to get you better faster so you can enjoy life. One thing to note- morton's neuromas respond better to acupuncture than any other treatment i have seen to date and usually within 3 sessions.

5-20-12 We love Sciatica- because it is usually so easy to treat.  ANother one: 57 year old woman, hx of sciatica for 3 years, tried chiropractic, tried physical therapy. 2 Sessions of combined orthopedic acupuncture and ART/ Active Release pain is gone. Patient has the spinal exercises to maintain pain free active lifestyle and has referred all her friends. As always: You will know if we can help you within the first 6 visits, but generally within 2. We will never waster your time of money, we will always give you the best treatments possible by always learning and bringing the best back for you!

Our resident off-road racer who occasionally misses the landing after some long jumps.. But we do our best to keep him running :)  3/20/12 writes:

Just to let you know, I am doing great. Neck is 100% and back is about 95% but I feel good enough to get back into the normal routine and start hitting the gym.

Thanks Again!!! 

2-1-12 Here is an email correspondence for Daily headaches and intermittent migraines, broken sleep and fatigue.. Cold hands and feet.  Overall 3 bottles of herbs and 2 sessions of acupuncture. 

yes, basically nonexistent..when I do get one its not bad at all..I attached a few pics..hope you can read the label, its kind of smudged..

Hi Michael,
I've been meaning to email you for about a week now.  The new bottle is great. I'm sleeping much better, I still wake up at night but only because of Caleb. I'm sleeping much more soundly. Jonah says there is a noticable difference in the overall temp of feet :) I know it isn't a mind thing because I forgot to take a couple doses in a row and I could tell the difference for sure. So what now? this bottle is almost gone, do I need more? Should I come back in for another treatment? 

-------- mike to patient -----
Not neccesary another bottle of herbs and that'll do it.. I shall make some additions and bring in your second bottle as soon as i have it constructed.

On Dec 26, 2011, at 10:07 AM,
Hi Michael,
I havn't had any headaches since I increased my dose, Yay! My feet and hands are still cold most of the time, and I'm still not sleeping well.  I have noticed that I'm not as anxious as I was before. I have a few days left of the herbs. Let me know what else you need to know! 

12-21-11 Patient with knee pain and told needs a knee replacement, nothin else to do.. Shows up for treatment...

When I met Micahel for the first time I was taking 1-2 Vicoden per day and still having significant knee pain due to arthtitis.  I was barely able to carry out daily activities and felt depressed.
After even the 1st visit when Michael evaulated and moved me through several exercises, I felt much better.  During the first week, I met Micahel three times and was able to decrease the Vicoden.
Following Micahel's exercise instructions and with the Chinese Herbs I began to feel less and less pain and stiffness.  Within one month I had reduced Vicoden to once a week or 10 days.
Now after just under two months, I am able to move freely and have very little pain.  Stiffness is drastically reduced.  I don't remember the last time I needed to take a Vicoden.
Michael has given me the exercise tools and herbs that are allowing me to take my life back.  I feel energetic and am gradually increasing my walking and other activities.
Gayle A.

4/18/11 Back pain and Tailbone Pain following Ski Accident For 7 years- Recently developed sciatica for 4 months.

Patient referred for combination Acupuncture & ART by chiropractor- has been thru physical therapy and western medicine for several years. Treatment began with Orthopedic Acupuncture followed by ART and home exercise. Treatments were rendered 2x/week for 2 weeks. Pain was resolved after 2 sessions, intermittent occurrence was less intense and resolved itself with home exercise. No pain after 4 treatments- followup treatment 2 weeks later revealed very happy woman with no sciatica and slight back tension resolved with home exercises. Rendered treatment, provided more strengthening exercises and released patient to continue exercise and return if needed. Patient remarked she was sorry she hadn't found us years ago and that it was too easy.

 Emergency Chinese Medicine - 

This is a very serious case and i'm grateful for the results

88 Year old gentleman who led a relatively active life suddenly found listless, frigid, sleeping all day, and not having a bowel movement for approximately a month. Was frigidly cold and wore several jackets. 

Western medicine did a range of tests with no findings, daughter contacted me from L.A. After initial intake and treatment we prescribed herbal medicine. Within week has more energy but still no bowel movement, weak, cold. Second treatment we prescribed next level of herbs: to rescue devastated yang. Patient had 2 Bowel movements, by 2nd bottle of herbs patients daughter reports:

On Feb 19, 2011, at 12:03 PM,

> Hi Michael -
> Update on dad:  Feeling better and better: More energy (even exercising on stationary bike now), eating more, acid reflux not so bad, more focused, sleeping less during the day... Colonoscopy - normal. Endoscopy showed polyps - all benign. One polyp in the duodenum region is of concern due to it's size. Doctors are concerned that if it grows, it might cause a blockage to the bile duct. But they believe it has nothing to due with his current health problems. They will perform a sonic endoscopy to learn more. 

 7-13-11  Unknown stabbing pain and discomfort with history of fibroids with benign tumor awaiting surgery- 

Treated with acupuncture and 2 months of custom herbal formula. Email from the patient-> no surgery, no tumor, happy family!

Good news when they did the MRI of my Pelvis the tumor is gone. Thos herbs really do work, thank you! I do have the MRI films showing the before and after- Wow!"

I just want to say, " thank goodness for Acupuncture"! I went to more than enough Medical Doctors for the last 3-4 years, with nothing but frustration. I had many tests, cat scans, biopsies, pelvic exams, blood tests... You name it I've had it done... Not fun. No explanation of what's wrong with me, just, "this is what I think is wrong, take this and I want to see you back every 2-3 weeks". I never got better, it got worse! On the way to UCSD Cancer Center for a body scan I was in a car accident on the 5 south. I guess in a way it was God saving me. Doctors sent me home with a wheel chair and told me that I may never walk again. So disappointing for someone who at a time was very active. Surfing, Mountain biking, running, Wake skating. I never was one to stay still , so not being able to move more than sucked! I am blessed to have met Michael and everyone at Fire Mountain who I can say saved my life! Thank You!

"Mike sonogram shows my fibroids are all gone and i have no pain during my menses."

Chinese Herbal Medicine is Fantastic for Fibroids, Cysts, Benign Tumors and Accumulations that arise in the body for a number of reasons.

Migraine Headaches = Hospitalization, Nausea & Tremors

 I suffer from extreme migraine headaches and when I get the bad one, I end up in the emergency room where they give me drugs, narcotics, and put me on an I.V.   These headaches usually last 5-7 days.  I am in bed with extreme eye pain, head pain, neck pain, vomiting, and I lose weight during this time as I can't eat.  It then takes me a few days to recover from the migraine, so I lose many days a year from them. What's also difficult is that I can never really know if I can actually plan something and be there for it.  I've had to miss a lot of my children's activities because of migraines.
I've tried many things to help my migraines.  I've been to the mainstream Doc's and gone the drug and pain clinic route, to the holistic Doc's and taken myriads of supplements, which definitely help. I try and eat more alkaline foods and excercise.  I've been to many chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists,  massage therapists, counseling, had my eyes read, tried Botox once, even learned how to do coffee enemas for pain.  I've even bought a couple of gadgets that are supposed to help painful migraines. This illness, hopitalizations,  and other health problems have stretched us financially to the limit and I really was desperate when I met Michael.
The thing is, I have also been to acupuncturists before.  But, as I found out, none of them is as effective as Michael.  He was very kind over the phone and said that he would like to try and treat me to see if he could help me, and explained that even though I'd been to acupuncturists before, he felt his knowledge and techniques might be different.   Not only that, but out of the goodness of his heart, he did not charge me.  What kind of a person does that to a complete stranger?  The kind of person who truly cares about people and helping them, that's the kind of person Michael is.
Right off I noticed that Michael's techniques really were different than other acupuncturists that I'd been to.  One day I came in with a migraine and I was shaking so badly.  I really thought that there is no way he can help me, that I'm headed for the hospital.  Well, pretty amazing cuz I made it through the night. I had several weeks of no migraines, and then had another "almost" one. This time Michael did something and cut a little place in my temple area and let it bleed. Crazy, but it helped a ton and it felt like the pressure was relieved.  I had several sessions over some months and definitely saw improvement.  I really was getting to the point where a true migraine was happening less frequently.
But, a few months ago we moved to another city and it's been some time since I've been in.  I have to say that I believe that acupuncture must also have some far reaching effects as I've only had one migraine since that time- headaches- but only one true migraine.  That really is amazing.  I'm hoping that even if I can only drive in occasionally, I will still feel the results.
I would highly recommend Michael to anyone out there who suffers from migraines. I am seriously the Queen of migraines, but if Michael can help me, I know that he can help you.
A thankful client, Marcia

Shingles - Pain Pain Pain!!!

Seems spring is in the air and i have had several shingles case popping up- all puns intended but this condition is not fun. Typically Acupuncture can be used preventatively to keep the nervous and immune systems strong and in balance, however, excess stress and difficult living can leave the body susceptible to an outbreak. Acupuncture is best used in the initial phases to speed up the process, making for a less painful faster recovery and possibly help avoid post-breakout neuropathy. Treatment should be regular and consistent at the earliest possible indicators:

5/1/11  an email i received:

 I first thanked God for guiding your hands in my treatment and asked him to continue to bless you.

Weeks of intense pain, no sleep, and started showing the rare incidence of vesicles erupting onto the other side. Did 2 treatments in 3 days. Saw her for the 3rd time today and despite having the original dermatomal breakout the other side receded and she is able to sleep which shall help tremendously.Treating with Acupuncture, Herbs and some manual therapy to align the spine.

My name is Ezra and I am a believer in the effective treatments that ancient Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can provide.

I tore my lateral meniscus in high school and have been dealing with the injury for decades. As a result of this injury my body's alignment was thrown off completely.

I recently jammed a bone in my foot from running in an effort to get into shape. The pain was extremely excruciating and was getting worse every day.

I made an appointment with Michael Woodworth and he explained to me that my body was completely out of alignment and gave me some corrective exercises to perform. He also gave me some targeted acupuncture to correct my digestive system and to help with the healing of my foot injury. I performed the exercises as directed and felt significant results within 48 hours.

I am very happy with the results so far and I will continue to follow Michaels treatment regimen consistently until my body heals itself. This is the first significant progress in my treatment of my sports injuries ever.

I am truly grateful and I highly recommend Michael for his expertise and treatment programs to progress towards a pain free and healthy lifestyle.

My sincerest thanks to you Michael,

Ezra Blackwell

4/15/11   Carpal Tunnel / Tenosynovitis - Sharp pain in R/ Wrist & Hand

Male Patient- 40's: presented with 8-10/10 sharp pain in wrist aggravated by flexion, grasping to hold and touch. Had received acupuncture from local practitioner with no benefit. Came to get Active Release Acupuncture- 1st treatment resulted in  pain reducing 50%, with ability to grasp and hold. 2nd treatment 4 days later and pain was reduced to 2/10, no longer wearing brace. Patient was taught some home exercise/treatment techniques and was told to re-schedule if pain did not continue to resolve within 2 weeks.  Treatment techniques was orthopedic acupuncture, Active Release Techniques and Gua-Sha tendon treatments. 

7-18-11  Update of C5,C6 Shoulder and Nerve pain into Arm- Teacher and active   surfer/biker.   (*Another email update*)

Hi Mike,
Greg here; I came to see you for the numbness in my right shoulder/arm/hand.  All is going extremely well as no numbness and no discomfort when surfing either.
I’ve been doing the exercises (neck with band, neck on foam roller, back on foam roller, corner press, elbow press and fly on ball) daily and two sets each day.  Should I continue with two sets each day or some other combination?  Should these exercises be part of me far into the future? 

--- This was 1 Ortho Acupunctrue Tx w/ A.R.T. therapy.

One followup to make sure and a good patient doing their homework so they can maintain their own posture.  Great work Greg, thanks for the referrals.

Headaches, Stomach Reflux / Heart Burn, Fatigue, Difficulty Sleeping

Michael, hope you are well.
Just letting you know that I am at 90%. Felt great on Saturday and still feeling good.
Like my new self.
What's next, should i make another appt?
continue with my pills?
I am leaving for a 2 week vacation on friday.
Thank you for everything.
 - regular patient whom i see every so often (2 or 3 months) had some flare ups: 1 visit, a bottle of herbs and she was on her way to enjoy her vacation.. Just had to nourish the liver and kidneys, supplement her spleen and smoothe some deficient heat flaring up...

3/18/11 Posted to our Face Book: Appreciate the sharing..

Initial Complaints of Neck, Shoulder and Hip pain- later work revealed some Adrenal exhaustion, headaches and urinary frequency at night waking from sleep!

Thank you for your Amazing Healing. Your ART in combination with the herbs you gave me really made a huge difference in finding the last piece of the puzzle to complete wellness. I get restful sleep without waking up throughout the night to go the bathroom, my energy level is wonderful and even me skin looks better. I especially love that you have taught me which foods are more nurturing and which to avoid. I love that you take the time to explain the correlations between the major organs and effects on my physical, mental and emotional states.... I find your work fascinating. Thank you for the healing =)


Tx: consisted of 3 or 4 visits combining Japanese, Orthopedic and ART with Chinese Herbal Medicine.

 Hives, Rash & Itching - Allergy Medications Not Working w/ prednisone.

Hi Mike;
Went for a 2 mile hike today and only stopped once to itch (at the end).  Small quarter sized spot on right of knee but other than that I am hive free!

-History of cyclical hives lasting upwards of 1 month, no sleep and itching- lots of scratching.  Covered arms & legs, Dr's precribed 2-3 allergy meds...

Ohh only 2 tx, no herbs so far... to be continued... 2/2/11

After 3x no hives at all- started herbal supplements and has been Hive free since as she decreases the medications (allergy and steroids). 

2/22/11-  Now 4/1/11 -> No hives, no recurrence: Total: 3 treatments and herbs.

Debilitating Migraines - Can't Drive, Work or Stand 

Now let me start with the fact that I hate needles and the notion of acupuncture was the last thing I ever thought would help me, but after much urging from my wife I "had" to give it a try. I had experienced debilitating migraines for over 11 years. When they would strike I would have to get picked up from work or pull over if driving and have my wife come bring me home where i was bed bound for the next day or two.  

When I started treatment Michael requested I get treated 3x/week and as the migraines decreased in frequency and intensity so would my treatment schedule. It was only 2 weeks before I noticed improvements. I received treatment for approximately 2 months before I had a complete reduction in migraines. To date I may have an occasional headache but nothing resembling the migraines I used to experience. Since treatment I have moved, gone without acupuncture for over 2 years and finally returned to San Diego- never once experiencing the pain i had previously had for 11 years! Our family are believers and I would recommend Michael and his treatments to anybody who is ready to change their life- for whatever it is they may suffer from.

Thank you!!

 38 years old, difficulty conceiving- now mother to a healthy baby girl!

Where to begin...Obviously i was getting older and was concerned about being able to become pregnant after a couple years of being unsuccessful. I met Mike while getting chiropractic care and he explained the process. We could not afford Western IVF treatment and thought we wouldn't be able to afford alternative methods either but he laughed and said "Traditional Medicine is traditional medicine, no more, no less". He actually joked that fertility was easier than some of his "high maintenance" pain people and that the only added expense would be the herbal formulas which were actually pretty cheap. He told us about the 3-6 months needed and we began treatment. Initially 2x/week for 3 weeks then weekly. We got detailed diets and herbal formula and homework to do on a daily basis. The hardest part was him telling me i couldn't surf. Sure enough, 4 months later i was pregnant and now i am mother to my first baby girl. Just follow the information he gives you and relax, the hardest part is waiting for your body to change. It works!


6/6/11   Regarding Herbs and Chronic Fatigue for last year.

  (*Following 2 Treatments and 10 Days of Herbal Medicine*)

I  am feeling much better and seem to have consistent energy.  I come home from work and I'm not tired.  I have started to workout for 30 min. a few times a week..


-Treatment continues, primarily custom herbal granules supplements.

Hello Dr. Mike,

Wow, 90% pain-free......amazing!    Thank you!
She calls her Classical Pearl herbs : Miracle Pearls (4/20/11) 

Autoimmune rheumatoid, 81years young.
2 weeks of Kiiko Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. 01/2011

 Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain with Radiating and Weakness

- Dental Worker

I have been working in the dental field for more than 25 years and was experiencing chronic neck shoulder and arm pain.  I wanted to share with all my

Colleagues, what Michael Woodworth has done for me to keep me healthy and pain free.  When I came to Michael I was experiencing severe chronic pain in

my right fore arm, tingling in my finger tips and unable to do my job with out

pain.  Michael used a combination of acupuncture, active release therapy and

gua-sha, at first I was skeptical but after 3 Weeks I saw a big change.  I now see

Michael for what you would call tune ups, he is a man who loves what he does and sincerely wants to see people living a healthy life. Thank-you Michael for all

you do and all the information and tips you give me about my health.

Toni V. Wade RDAEF


Indigestion, Irritable Bowel, Leg Cramps, Insomnia,

Misdiagnosed Shin Splints

"Burning in legs is almost completely gone! Mostly in my  feet- tops and bottom but mostly only after I've had my tennis shoes on for a while.
Cramping is pretty much gone and I've slept through the night for the last 4 nights- although the husband said my legs were twitching all night Thursday night- but I didn't wake up"

Middle aged woman had leg and back pain for months including cramps and burning nerve-like pain. After several months with M.D.s and other providers she was referred for treatment and consultation. Initial visit revealed a Chinese Medicine Pattern requiring herbal therapy. Herbs provided cramping ceased in 2 days. Digestion improved from constant diarrhea and after 2 weeks of herbs patient was able to sleep 5-6 hours a night. Tremendous results stemming from an accurate Chinese Herbal diagnosis and formulation. Treatment continues and given a few weeks the remaining symptoms are expected to resolve completely.


Update: With continued herbal medicine (no acu/art) - cramps and spasms gone, nearly pain free in all of legs except for some foot discomfort after standing long periods. Digestion which was constantly loose is firming up, overall digestion turning more solid and getting stronger. Sleeping regularly 6-8 hours, no cramps at night.