Natural Solutions has a complete custom granular pharmacy available to build the exact medicine your body needs.

 Chinese Herbal Medicine

 If you are frustrated with a  myriad of symptoms or of being treated for every symptom without a cure in sight perhaps we can connect the dots by diagnosing your pattern and helping you to understand the relationships in terms of Classical Chinese Medicine and Pathology. Treatment strategies are reached utilizing a combination of Pulse & Abdominal diagnosis which provides the practitioner with an internal picture of the volume of various body fluids (water, blood, nutrition) and their behavior (flow, stagnant, tight, dirty). There is no aspect of the body inside or out that does not depend upon the proper circulation of nutrition and as well as the removal of waste and toxins. We can help improve many aspects of the internal chemical dynamics and can usually tell you symptoms you are feeling before you tell us. 

 We Only Use Reputable, High-Quality, Frequently Tested Herbs! 

Custom Granule Herbal Formulas 

Granule herbs are a most modern to way dispense and administer herbal medicinals.  They are perfect balance between convenience, quality, potency, and cost.  The ability to customize herbal medicinal formulas for an individual patient's needs is also maintained with the use of granule herbs.  For these reasons, granule herbs are the most popular choice among our patients.

High quality raw herbs are selected, harvested, and tested for heavy metals and pesticides.  The herbs are then cooked and strained to form a extract (decoction).  The extract then goes through a low heat, high pressure process to remove the water.  What is left over is a highly concentrated granule powder that contains the active components of the herbs.  The individual granule herbs can then be mixed into a customized formula.  After the herbs are mixed, small scoops of the granules are mixed with warm water and taken as a tea, 2 to 3 times per day.  

The advantage of granule herbs is that they are much more convenient for people who are always on the go or that do not want to cook the herbs themselves.  All that is needed is a glass and some warm water, and you can have an instant herbal decoction.  Another important advantage of granules is that the herbal formula can be customized and tailored to the needs of each individual patient.  The practitioner can increase or decrease the dosage of each individual herb, as well as add or remove herbs in the formula.  This allows for a more accurate treatment of the patient.

Granule herbs are extremely potent and are only available to qualified health practitioners.