There is no substitute for seeing an actual provider. Unfortunately, there are very few providers competently trained in the use and customization of Chinese Herbs.   We do offer phone / Skype and even email consultations to allow people to get assistance in finding or building the actual solution their individual body needs.

You can reference the Downloadable PDF to determine which formulas or combinations may benefit your condition.

Please keep in mind this information and store is intended for reference in treating the symptoms of particular diseases and we can in no way claim we treat the actual disease. If you have any questions or an emergency situation you should contact a primary care provider or seek treatment with a qualified healthcare professional.

These PDF's below are for reference in finding formulas that are commonly used in the presentation of such conditions.

Classical Pearls.pdf Classical Pearls.pdf
Size : 8317.045 Kb
Type : pdf
For finding Classical Pearl formulas for certain conditions
Formulas By Symptoms.pdf Formulas By Symptoms.pdf
Size : 1288.617 Kb
Type : pdf
For finding Evergreen formulas for your conditions
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