Let me start by saying we know the difficulties, fears and trials surrounding the belief of being infertile. Now let me introduce you to our daughter who was conceived with the help of Chinese Medicine. Ariel is a healthy, gorgeous and vivacious little girl who steals the hearts of all who meet her..   Ari joined us in late 2012 and life has never been the same (:

5-3-13 IVF Assisted w/ Acupuncture & Herbs

The retrieval was yesterday and was successful.  The doctor was able to get 13 eggs. Got the call this evening that 9 of the eggs were mature and all 9 fertilized so we now have 9 embryos!  This is awesome news as last time we only had two embryos at this point.  They are being closely monitored and the doctor is 99% sure we will do the transfer on Saturday or Sunday.   There is a slight chance that the transfer will happen on Thursday evening depending on how the embryos are doing.   I'll keep you posted!  Thank you for all the support:)  -K

This is what its all about, previously failed IVF- following a couple months of treatment she more than doubled her body's capactity to produce more, produce healthier and to hold!!! We can help make your system stronger to finish the process.. (Yes we helped her thyroid problem as well :)

 31 years old,  years of not having menstrual cycle unless promoted by pharmaceuticals, 2 failed Chlomid attempts, 2 failed IVF attempts. Had paid for and was preparing for 3rd and final IVF session- sought Chinese Medicine Assistance.

 Patient arrived 3 months before 3rd and final attempt for IVF and was willing to do anything. After extensive intake treatment began with acupuncture and herbal therapy. Following first month patient had 1st natural menstrual cycle without inducing. 2nd month however patient did not have cycle. 2.5 months into treatment patient is pregnant without need of IVF- using acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine. Now awaiting birth of first child due around May 2013.

38 years old, 1 year difficulty conceiving- now mother to a healthy baby girl!

Where to begin...Obviously i was getting older and was concerned about being able to become pregnant after a couple years of being unsuccessful. I met Mike while getting chiropractic care and he explained the process. We could not afford Western IVF treatment and thought we wouldn't be able to afford alternative methods either but he laughed and said "Traditional Medicine is traditional medicine, no more, no less". He actually joked that fertility was easier than some of his "high maintenance" pain people and that the only added expense would be the herbal formulas which were actually pretty cheap. He told us about the 3-6 months needed and we began treatment. Initially 2x/week for 3 weeks then weekly. We got detailed diets and herbal formula and homework to do on a daily basis. The hardest part was him telling me i couldn't surf. Sure enough, 4 months later i was pregnant and now i am mother to my first baby girl. Just follow the information he gives you and relax, the hardest part is waiting for your body to change. It works!


 2-10-13   So i was sitting home with Ariel when i got the following text message:

"Hey Michael, we have a situation. **** was 4 days late this morning for period and was having weird cramps, sore boobs, and pimples. She took a test and it said she is pregnant. We're freaking out, what do we do?...We thought it was going to take longer.."

This was a couple who had tried to conceive for over a year and came in after getting their ob-gyn could not explain their trouble. I had been treating the husband for orthopedics and he had asked about acupuncture for fertility. Well after 1 month of treatment and herbs they were on their way.

My only response to their query of what to do was what everybody told me- sleep now because you have no idea when you'' be able to rest again.   Many blessings,

 34 Years of Age had 1 daughter, 1 year trying to conceive

Magic, thats all i can say. I first went to Michael for acute neck pain and simply mentioned in passing we had been trying to get pregnant for the last year and couldn't. So while treating my neck he quickly did an intake, palpated my abdomen and pulse then gave me dietary information and herbs. 1 month later i was pregnant, amazing, no second follow up just 3 weeks of herbs and the dietary recommendations. He says there was no magic involved but it seemed too easy so i am going with magic! Thanks Mike.

 p.s. my neck felt great too.

 37 Already had 1 Child, 2 years of trying and thought we'd try acupuncture for fertility assistance.

Let me preface this by admitting i had my doubts, being a practitioner of Western medicine acupuncture and herbal medicine seemed a bit far fetched but after my husband (also a physicians assistant) saw Michael for his sciatica and back pain with amazing results we figured we would give it a shot. Immediately he took my pulse, checked my abdomen and looked at my tongue- his examination was quite thorough and as he found certain "reflexes" and signs he would explain them in a way i could understand. Suddenly, what i thought was far fetched and illogical actually began to make a lot of sense. He explained treatment would be more regular at the beginning 2x/week with herbs and then it would decrease to 1x week. With some lifestyle advice and dietary changes we were on our way. Three months later we were pregnant with our 2nd child. To date we have actually had our 3rd child and now refer many of our own patients to Mr. Woodworth- now if he only move his practice closer to us :)