1. What is trigger point needling?

Trigger point needling, is a minimally invasive procedure by which fine gauge solid filament sterile needles are inserted into areas of chronic soft tissue dysfunction, trigger points, and other symptomatic tender points that are identified during a physical therapy examination.

2. How does orthopedic needling work?

Orthopedic  needling works on the premise that during the phases of healing soft tissues become adhered to one another, scar formation limits mobility, and blood and lymphatic vessels become blocked, resulting in inflammation, pain, and the formation of trigger points and chronic soft tissue dysfunction. The interruption of normal function leads to atrophy, aggravated irritability, and sensitivity. 

When a needle is inserted into the symptomatic area, a tiny lesion(s) is created stimulating tissue relaxation through mechanical stimulation of the trigger point/symptomatic tissue. The tiny lesions stimulate a local healing response as well as activate neural pathways that control/decrease pain. There is a local release of molecular proteins that rebuild tissue and neurotransmitters that block the transmission of pain signals.


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