Below you will find some down loadable PDF Forms which list various organ systems from their Traditional Eastern and Modern Western perspectives. You will be able to categorize your symptoms to their associated system and adopt more beneficial dietary and home exercises to benefit them. 

You will also be able to keep track off and cross off symptoms as they are cured thru treatment.

Chinese Medicine Liver Sheet.pdf Chinese Medicine Liver Sheet.pdf
Size : 1825.75 Kb
Type : pdf
Chinese Medicine Spleen Sheet.pdf Chinese Medicine Spleen Sheet.pdf
Size : 1760.096 Kb
Type : pdf
Chinese Medicine Lung Sheet.pdf Chinese Medicine Lung Sheet.pdf
Size : 1705.516 Kb
Type : pdf
Chinese Medicine Kidney Sheet.pdf Chinese Medicine Kidney Sheet.pdf
Size : 956.511 Kb
Type : pdf
Chinese Medicine Heart Sheet.pdf Chinese Medicine Heart Sheet.pdf
Size : 1848.786 Kb
Type : pdf
Report  of Findings.pdf Report of Findings.pdf
Size : 829.074 Kb
Type : pdf