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Hypothyroid, Hip Pain, Fatigue, Digestive Problems,

Posted by Michael Woodworth on Monday, April 29, 2013,

Hypothyroid - Elevated Liver Enzymes - 

Menopausal Symptoms, Swollen Ankles, Hip Pain

Michael Woodworth has done some amazing things for me! I started seeing Michael in late June of this year with hip joint pain, swelling and pain in my right ankle and thigh, horrible digestion, lethary, trouble sleeping, brittle hair, high liver levels and a thyroid that was out of whack. He performed ART and acupunture in some critical areas and got me started on the Chinese herbs. I have been taking the h...

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Cracked Skin On Hands and Feet, Fatigue, Elevated Liver Enzymes

Posted by Michael Woodworth on Monday, April 29, 2013,
Fatigue, cold extremities, liver problems, broken neck, back pain, cracked bleeding skin on hands and feet which had to wrap in bandages. Chronic fatigue, could not make it thru day without multiple naps. Western medicine had no answer and no diagnosis. Pictures above depict already improved condition while pictures below illustrate no longer needing to wrap hands and feet in bandages. Today patient maintains herbal therapy and skin is nearly completely resolved, energy restored and overall q...
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The Evolution Of Integrated Medicine

Michael Woodworth Michael Woodworth is the clinic director of Natural Solutions. Providing highly skilled acupuncture and herbal treatments for a wide array of internal and physical problems. Michael Woodworth is also Full-Body Certiifed in Active Release Techniques. His qualifications make him one of the few people in the country to offer combined Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Acupuncture in combination with Active Release Techniques resulting in some of the best Sports Medicine and Pain treatments possible. www.ActiveReleaseAcupuncture.Com (888)871-8889

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