Chinese Medicine is great for skin rashes, dry skin, sores etc.. we have great success with dermatological conditions. Itchy Skin Rash- Itchy, Red Raised Sores Along Back 

Adult male had sudden occurrence of itchy rash all along back interrupting sleep and generally causing a great deal of discomfort. Took 2 Rounds of Prednisone & Ant-inflammatory drugs have no effect. Rash cleared following 2 weeks of acupuncture and herbal treatment.


Hi Mike, I am happy to report that the hives are clearing up and almost gone. I am also going to run out of the second herb mixture you gave me. Should we contiue??



Hi Mike,

I will be finishing my bottle of herbs tomorrow. The ill effects of the rash are long gone, and my skin is clearing clearing up slowly but surely. What do you recommend we do at this point?

 From this point we changed our herbs to a formula focussed on helping the damaged flesh to heal. Overall treatment was 2 visits and 3 bottles of herbs following over 2 months of uneffective western medicinal treatment.