Hypothyroid - Elevated Liver Enzymes - 

Menopausal Symptoms, Swollen Ankles, Hip Pain

Michael Woodworth has done some amazing things for me! I started seeing Michael in late June of this year with hip joint pain, swelling and pain in my right ankle and thigh, horrible digestion, lethary, trouble sleeping, brittle hair, high liver levels and a thyroid that was out of whack. He performed ART and acupunture in some critical areas and got me started on the Chinese herbs. I have been taking the herb combination for almost 6 months now and have had amazing results. There is no more swelling or pain in my ankle, my digestion is back to normal, I sleep like a baby (as long as I dont have a million things on my mind), I have energy throughout the day, and my hip is no longer causing me to stop exercising. I recently had blood work during a physical and was blown away with my results. My liver levels are closer to where they should be and my thyroid is quickly getting back to normal. Prior to seeing Michael, my thyroid antibodies were close to 700 (normal is under 30) and now they are at 147!!!!
I know now that the natural way to go is the BEST way to go. My doctor was amazed at my health and mentioned if he didnt know my age he would have guessed it to be 10-15 years younger just looking at my blood work. 

Here is an example of everything we have to offer at Natural Solutions. We treated the pain with combined acupuncture and active release techniques then addressed the internal complaints with herbal medicine. In total this patient was seen fewer than 10 times. What an incredible savings of time and money by utilizing the unique combinations we offer. 

Michael Woodworth is the clinic director at Natural Solutions Acupuncture Inc.

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