Fatigue, cold extremities, liver problems, broken neck, back pain, cracked bleeding skin on hands and feet which had to wrap in bandages. Chronic fatigue, could not make it thru day without multiple naps. Western medicine had no answer and no diagnosis. Pictures above depict already improved condition while pictures below illustrate no longer needing to wrap hands and feet in bandages. Today patient maintains herbal therapy and skin is nearly completely resolved, energy restored and overall quality of life greatly improved- able to have enough energy thru day, thru work and with family. All this when Western Medicine said there was no treatment for his undiagnosed condition- we proved there is!

This is a case where our patient felt they were getting nowhere in a western medical system that offered one med after another with no results. Today we are continually humbled by this families gratitude that just weeks before treatment were arranging wills and funeral plans. A true testament to the power of Chinese Medicine. They can see it on the outside and feel it on the inside. After months of treatment consisting of Chinese Herbs and monthly visits to the clinic we have brought the liver function to within normal limits and are currently stabilizing kidney function.

Most recent- but in actuality normal now.


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