Michael Woodworth has changed how I live today. I tore my labrum in both hips and had two surgeries to repair them. I also had hamstring tendinitis that caused me constant pain. I was in pain for such a long amount of time, trying every doctor and physical therapist to try and relieve it. All I got were a bunch of exercise routines that gave me the same results that I started with.  The pain affected me every second, not knowing whether it would be cured. I thought there was nothing more to try until I started to see Michael for acupuncture. After treatment I can finally say I’m pain free. The difference this treatment has made in my life is so amazing and I am forever grateful to Michael for helping my life get back to normal!  

This was the case of a young teenager who loved dancing and could no longer even sit down following multiple surgeries. The family contacted me and was willing to travel to my office. On the phone i could here the frustration and concern of caring parents who had sought out a number of treatments and despite losing hope kept searching. This case really moved me in that i have a daughter myself and really felt we could help get this girl back to the life she deserved. We began treatment and  initially there was only slight change then no change. This went on for several weeks (it is so important to carry out at least one full course of treatment in these complex, chronic cases!) and we were both somewhat frustrated. After 1/2 a course of treatment i urged them to increase the frequency of treatment (remember they were traveling to my office) to at least 2x/per week for the next several weeks. Following the 10th session we ceased treatment and after a period of recovery (you must recover from the work we do as well as the body's own healing process) she became pain free.   Her treatments consisted of deep orthopedic needling, active release techniques and IAMR (instrument assisted myofascial release). We had to change the muscle length, tendon conditions and breakup adhesions. Healing takes time and i am so glad she stuck with it despite the work involved.