Before and after tongue- you can see the dusky lifeless colo of the tongue as well as the purple skin lesions resulting in deep cystic acne. This is a condition of cold stagnation and was treated over the course of 3 months from a distance with Chinese herbal medicine. Initially the patient began to warm, felt more energy, experienced less anxiety, cold, and then the skin started to recieve more circulation resulting in a gradual clearing of the deep cold adhesions that had formed. The hands and feet warmed and life returned to the surface.  The tongue eventually changed to a warm red and over 6 months the acne, sweating and fatigue cleared.                     We can improve the energy and circulation within your body and change you from the inside out. This is a poor circulation, cold, cystic acne case that tried everything topical and dermatological. Instead of attempting to treat the skin with topical lotions and ointments we diagnose what the underlying cause is and fix it from the inside. Is not the skin simply a reflection of whats going on under the surface.?

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