Battlefield Acupuncture is available to provide long lasting relief from pain all over the body as patients heal, get treatment, participate in rehabilitation or try to reduce medication. Auriculotherapy is a powerful adjunct we utilize to carry the treatment home insuring a more thorough and longer lasting treatment for maximum results.

It was reported that only approximately 15 percent of patients do not respond to acupuncture, but of those who do, their pain reduction often averages about 75 percent. The frequency of application and the duration of relief vary with each patient, but treatment can progress from about two times a week to as little as once a month or longer. In some cases, further acupuncture treatment may not be required.  

Battlefield Acupuncture is an Auricular Therapy (Ear acupuncture) protocol that was invented by Dr. Richard Niemtzow MD. He came up with the name Battlefield Acupuncture for the simple reason that it could be used on the battlefield if it were not advisable to use western pain medications.  

The Battlefield Acupuncture Protocol uses a French acupuncture needle called ASP® needles

They are single use needles that can stay in the ear for a few days,.  The Battlefield Acupuncture protocol can provide relief after your patients leave your clinic and for days afterwards. When these needles are inserted in the Battlefield Acupuncture points (we call them zones now) they have and incredible effect on your patients condition. These points/zones when used in a pattern can not only relive pain but many other conditions as well. 

The ASP® needles are designed to stay in the ear for up to a few days. It is hypothesized that the needles send a message right to the healing center in the brain to correct that patient’s pathology. With the needles retained in the ear it keeps the communication to the areas in the brain to correct this imbalance in the patients pathology and start a healing process. The true reason why these needles and points works is still open for debate. That this protocol works is not even debatable!

Battlefield Acupuncture accessed the Vagus Nerve thru the ear.

The Vagus Nerve has 13 branches that connect to most of the visceral organs.  There is your root treatment to how the Battlefield Acupuncture Protocol works.   It works on an organ level (root) not just a symptomatic level because of the Vagus Nerve connection.